About Me

I'm Emma, a 20 something, welly wearing, rural dweller who resides in the Lincolnshire countryside with my border terrier sidekick Grizzle. You're most likely to find me stomping around muddy fields, flying around on horses or making huge flasks of tea. 

I'm a photography devotee and all round life lover with a wonderlusting soul and a soft spot for a good steak and glass of red wine. I grew up in the open air surrounded by animals and adventurers. Recently i quit my office job, up and moved to a new place and began my journey to pursue my dream career. 

Grizzle is a 9 year old Border Terrier and the best travel buddy you could ask for. He likes chasing ducks, smelling horses, drives with the roof down and getting as muddy as possible. 

So grab yourself a cuppa and stay awhile! We like tea round these parts. 
If you want to know some more of the things i love then you can see those here..

2 note(s)..:

  1. I found your blog from Louise(sprinkle of glitter)'s blog. I've followed now and look forward to reading your future posts :) x

  2. cute blog! i have that same spinal condition, along with scoliosis. i understand your pain. you seem like such a sweet girl! (:

    xo, samantha



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