Easter Weekend

Monday, April 13

This past Easter bank holiday was one of those wonderful weekends where you feel like you have actually had a break from it all. I spent my Easter in the Cotswolds with the other half, which to someone who has cooked Easter dinner for her family for the past few years, this was a bit of a change, albeit a very nice change. It was also one of those weekends where so many things happened, that you could quite possibly spend an entire week telling someone all about it. 

Fortunately rather than making my words as numerous as my photographs, I shall simply share some highlights. We spent a rather wet and windy (As is the traditional weather) Good Friday morning watching the horses on the gallops, which i firmly reminded myself that the jockeys had it worse than I, who was simply stood watching rather than galloping full speed into the wind and rain, and chastised myself for being so silly and forgetting to bring a hat. Question, has anyone met a horse who dips each mouthful of hay into his water before he eats it? Neither had i, but i have now. 

I then had the worst drive of all my days to visit my lovely friends for Lunch in the next county over. Eating scampi and chips for breakfast in a place where you can dine in a riverboat is a pretty good thing, i strongly suggest you try it! 

I don't really talk about my relationship here, one because it's still a baby and two because i'm ever so slightly embarrassed that he is the only man i have known who reads my blog. (If he still does, here's hoping the novelty of that one has worn off. Have you ever had someone new in your life read all your old stories? It's kind of weird, naked in front of a crowd weird.) So anyway, i have this guy who i'm in a relationship with and this weekend i trusted him, quite literally with my life, and let him fly me around in a helicopter. Yep, i'm in a helicopter being flown around, when suddenly it drops, what felt like 10,000 feet out of the air because apparently helicopters can glide. I yelped, clearly. If you ever hear the words auto-rotation while in a helicopter, hold on.

The whole weekend was rounded up with the most glorious weather and the north Cotswold point to point. Much safer than letting your other half drop you out of the sky.

*Apparently the fact we dropped was meant to happen, he just 'forgot' to let me know what would happen. 

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