Cotswold Photo Album

Tuesday, March 24

I'm afraid i have developed a terrible habit. This habit is that i have become lazy with my camera. I have taken on the mindset that i will have time to photograph things another time, which may be true, but may also be wrong. I've never been one to miss an opportunity to capture images as it is something i truly enjoy, but these past few months my camera, rather than being an attachment to arm, has become settled in it's bag and merrily dragged from location to location without barely seeing the light of day. 

Determined to break this habit of mine and rejig my shutter bug, i have made the conscious effort to capture more of my adventures again. Starting with these images from my recent trip to The Cotswolds. I spend so much of my time in this part of the country and as well as feeling incredibly lucky to be able to do so, i also find it stunningly beautiful. The perfect place to get my photography mojo flowing.

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