10 years on

Saturday, February 21

I write this post, not to cause controversy, although, regretfully this is a controversial subject. I also am not writing this to cause a debate or offence to anyone, but, since this is a blog about my life, and the countryside no less, then I feel it appropriate to write about something I feel so passionate about. 

10 years ago, the Labour government passed the law on The Hunting Act of 2004. This, to make a long story short, made it illegal to hunt wild animals with packs of dogs. The kinds you see throughout the countryside riding proudly in their red jackets and packs of foxhounds on horseback.

Now, my opinion, excuse my french, is that this is bullshit. But, as it seems that the people who support The Hunting Act, and the people who support violent anti hunt groups seem to lack all of the information on hunting, I will be a little more eloquent in my explanation of my opinion. Being pro hunting and involved in hunting is not as simple as you like animals, so you don't kill them or you don't like animals so you hunt them. From the antis point of view this act was supposedly to stop us killing and hunting wild animals nonstop. Well in this case this act does nothing. This act doesn't stop the hunting of wild animals, it stops the packs of dogs doing a quick job of it so that actually the fox (for example) has a quick death, instead of being flushed out, which is legal, and shot. Which means the fox probably took a while to actually die, in pain, instead of seconds. 

So, why can't we just leave them alone? Lets take foxes for an example here, but each wild animal has it's own effect. Foxes are classed as vermin, along with rabbits and rats etc. What happens when foxes are left to their own devices? We end up with far too many foxes because apart from us, they don't have much of anything to stop them over running us. Foxes instinct is to tear apart chickens, lambs, rabbits, a small dog, cats or even small children. Foxes don't eat all these things they just kill them. If you had ever had to wake up and find your chickens had been ripped to shreds by a fox for the hell of it then you would see that actually they aren't the cute things people seem to think they are. 

Aside from that, they are vermin simply because of the trouble they cause other livestock and animals. Everything hunts to eat, not everything hunts for fun. This is the important bit to understand. Humans aren't hunting for the pure hell of killing an animal. We hunt to keep down populations, to preserve our lifestyles and to protect ego systems. Many more talented and knowledgeable hunters can give you the run down on each animal they kill and the effect that their overpopulation would have on our countrysides, so I won't go into it here.  

Sure, the hunt gives me goosebumps when it rides past. I support the hunt and i've been proud to work with hunting horses in my life. When I have a horse fit enough to hunt, I will be out their riding with them. So, i'm not denying that people enjoy hunting and shooting. I'm simply saying that until you understand it, unless you've been on a hunt or shot a wild animal, then why do you have the right to cast an opinion on it? 

I think the biggest down fall in this country is ignorance. Governments try and ban things they know nothing about, the public attack our huntsmen, set traps for the horses and hounds so they tear their legs open, and try and shun us for doing something they know nothing about. For instance, so many people are against wearing fur. People are vegetarians, vegans, believe that all these things are cruel and evil. Did anyone of you stop and think that if we didn't eat meat, that would be the end of cattle, sheep and pigs? If we didn't use their hides or drink their milk, we simply wouldn't breed them? 

If everyone had this ridiculous frame of mind then these animals would be wiped off the face of this country. Did you know that at one point pheasant's where completely unheard of? The ones you see around the countryside are all thanks to us breeding them and releasing them, for what? To shoot them and eat them. Or did you wonder why you see a lot more pheasants in shooting season?

As you can tell, I could write about this subject for a long, long time. But i'll stop now and leave you with this one last thing. 10 years later, we are still here and we are still hunting. I'm proud to be a hunter, a meat eater, a fur wearer, I believe using each part of the animal we kill, nothing going to waste. I believe in keeping populations under control and i believe in killing vermin. 

But most importantly i believe in hunting. I am a proud hunt supporter, and i want to see this law scrapped.

*If you have any questions on this subject i would be glad to answer them, if i can, but attacking me on my page shows who you are, not who i am. 


Thursday, February 12

I'm an early bird by anybodies standards. In fact it's been a long since running joke amongst my friends and family that I never slept when I was a baby and I still don't sleep much now i'm in my twenties. Saying this, it isn't uncommon to find me at early hours of the morning wandering around outside with the dog. 

It doesn't always do me well to be such a non existent sleeper, i'm impossible to share a bed with, i jiffle about and don't stop talking until the other person drifts off, but perhaps the best thing about this trait of mine, is that when you wake up early and find that the world is covered in a layer of fog, you get to enjoy this perfect stillness when it feels like the only person in the world who is awake.

Kent Weekend Scenes

Thursday, February 5

Once upon a time, five new friends traveled from five different corners of England, to meet for a weekend in England's garden, Kent. With our warmest layers, our muddiest wellies and our biggest appetites, we arrived at Alice's farm house to a warm fire (eventually) and some well cooked grub. Two hungry westies sat by our feet as we all got to know each other a little better. 

We spent the weekend doing what country people like to do best, walking the dogs, attempting to shoot things and sitting in pubs, the less said about that last part the better! The weather had a wonderfully moody face on the entire time, the temperature was bitterly cold with a hint of drizzle in the air but we put our best feet forward and explored the area anyway. We met the most ridiculously friendly deer, got a bit drunk on too much wine and defrosted under mountains of blankets and i wouldn't have changed a single thing about any of it.

I don't think there are many times in our short lives that you stumble upon a group of people for one of the first times and instantly feel like you have known them for the better part of your lives. If you're lucky enough to meet these people then make sure you keep them, they are the people who you will be sharing stories with for many years to come. 

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