Late Christmas Cheer

Thursday, January 8

I'm sure you will forgive me for my recent radio silence these last few weeks. You see December for me, has been a hive of busy new adjustments. A new job, new adventures and promises of great new ideas for the next year. Christmas this year, came far too quickly. I have promised myself i will be more prepared next year, but 2014 as a whole, seems to have passed before i could really grasp what was going on. 

Despite the feeling that Christmas snuck up on me and therefore i wasn't able to do it justice. The time i spent over the festive season more than enough made up for it. A beautifully cooked dinner, thoughtful gifts i will treasure forever, my best record at the races all year, being invited to share a couples most magical day with them. Meeting some lovely people and watching the new man in my life put aside his better judgment and ride horses with me through the Gower in Wales. So instead of the rushed feelings and cold fingers, i've replaced it with how many other wonderful things happened to finish off this year. 

I've learnt more than ever this year that with a simple change of perspective we can create some remarkable results. So while i'm sure you can all appreciate my mindset of that living the experience comes before blogging about it, i will try to fit in more blogging in 2015. 

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