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Friday, July 3

As many of you will know from reading this blog, the past year or so, I have spent most of my time between the Cotswolds, Lincolnshire and Wiltshire. I was spending all my free time in a different county and then coming back to work in order to go back again. One day not so long ago, I decided that enough was enough, so I started planning to move to Gloucestershire and be nearer the people I love most. On the 20th of June I packed up all my worldly possessions in the back of my Land Rover and moved into a tiny little outbuilding on an old farm. 

Moss and I have began our new adventure and our new life on the edge of the Cotswolds together. Grizzle has stayed in Lincolnshire with my mum. The move would have been too stressful for him and he's much happier in his territory back in Lincolnshire with the busy household he is used too. Although you will no doubt see his face around here still, from now on, it's Moss and I against the world, and I couldn't be happier about that.

Meet Moss

Tuesday, June 30

I have someone I would like to introduce you all to. This is Moss, my brand new little Springador puppy! These photos are admittedly a little late as they were taken when he was around 10 weeks old. He's now a 14 week old bouncy pup who's learning his way in the world, he's getting on really well and is already proving himself to be a very intelligent little pup.

Badminton Horse Trails 2015

Saturday, May 30

 photo IMG_9046_zpsxnchktf6.jpg  photo IMG_9016_zpsovc91q9g.jpg  photo IMG_8872_zps12vw41gy.jpg photo IMG_8694_zpslm61msgc.jpg  photo IMG_9024_zpso0glgj18.jpg  photo IMG_8842_zpsbz7xlese.jpg photo IMG_8627_zpsp3k7qcof.jpg  photo IMG_8836_zpspo7eariu.jpg  photo IMG_8839_zpsv2gica8q.jpg photo IMG_8697_zpsrssd1pa2.jpg  photo IMG_8838_zpsicynzpwn.jpg

Badminton Horse Trails is one of my favourite events of the year. It's the first weekend of the year that is circled, underlined and highlighted in my diary. It's the one we plan from year to year and the one that kicks off the summer. It's also the weekend that I live on a diet of champagne and food tent freebies, forget how to function in normal civilisation spend far too much money and generally live out the back of my discovery.. but as they say, 'what happens at badders, stays at badders!' (Except the receipts and the hangovers.)

This year I was especially privileged as I was one of Badminton Horse Trails photographers, and other than looking like i actually had a reason to be carrying around an abnormally big camera it also meant I got the best spots to take photo's. Dream come true. 

I watched some of the greats, Mary King and Kings Temptress, William Fox Pitt with Chili Morning and Ben Hobday with Mr Mulry, met Claire Balding, Mary King herself and her lovely mother, but watching the Brits and good old WFP beat Andrew Nicholson on the last day was certainly the best. Even if i was slightly worse for wear after two evenings spent not leaving a beer tent.  

Belton Horse Trails

Wednesday, May 27

 photo IMG_8597_zpspgdhfgnf.jpg
 photo IMG_8594_zpsshca4mvr.jpg photo IMG_8582_zpsg9npw6go.jpg photo IMG_8579_zpsz7jv64ze.jpg photo IMG_8574_zpsepuuibt0.jpg photo IMG_8453_zpsesqelols.jpg

It seems like months ago that I took these photos, although in reality it was only a few weeks ago. Belton International Horse trails comes to Grantham every year, and I like to think of it as a warm up to Badminton that follows a few weeks afterwards.

Unlike most International Horse trails there isn’t a set day for each event, in a much more fun way, they split all three events onto each day, so you get to see a bit of everything, even if you’re only there for a day.

As i’m one of the photographers for Badminton this year, I used this as a great opportunity to get some practice in before the big event. 

Easter Weekend

Monday, April 13

This past Easter bank holiday was one of those wonderful weekends where you feel like you have actually had a break from it all. I spent my Easter in the Cotswolds with the other half, which to someone who has cooked Easter dinner for her family for the past few years, this was a bit of a change, albeit a very nice change. It was also one of those weekends where so many things happened, that you could quite possibly spend an entire week telling someone all about it. 

Fortunately rather than making my words as numerous as my photographs, I shall simply share some highlights. We spent a rather wet and windy (As is the traditional weather) Good Friday morning watching the horses on the gallops, which i firmly reminded myself that the jockeys had it worse than I, who was simply stood watching rather than galloping full speed into the wind and rain, and chastised myself for being so silly and forgetting to bring a hat. Question, has anyone met a horse who dips each mouthful of hay into his water before he eats it? Neither had i, but i have now. 

I then had the worst drive of all my days to visit my lovely friends for Lunch in the next county over. Eating scampi and chips for breakfast in a place where you can dine in a riverboat is a pretty good thing, i strongly suggest you try it! 

I don't really talk about my relationship here, one because it's still a baby and two because i'm ever so slightly embarrassed that he is the only man i have known who reads my blog. (If he still does, here's hoping the novelty of that one has worn off. Have you ever had someone new in your life read all your old stories? It's kind of weird, naked in front of a crowd weird.) So anyway, i have this guy who i'm in a relationship with and this weekend i trusted him, quite literally with my life, and let him fly me around in a helicopter. Yep, i'm in a helicopter being flown around, when suddenly it drops, what felt like 10,000 feet out of the air because apparently helicopters can glide. I yelped, clearly. If you ever hear the words auto-rotation while in a helicopter, hold on.

The whole weekend was rounded up with the most glorious weather and the north Cotswold point to point. Much safer than letting your other half drop you out of the sky.

*Apparently the fact we dropped was meant to happen, he just 'forgot' to let me know what would happen. 

Cotswold Photo Album

Tuesday, March 24

I'm afraid i have developed a terrible habit. This habit is that i have become lazy with my camera. I have taken on the mindset that i will have time to photograph things another time, which may be true, but may also be wrong. I've never been one to miss an opportunity to capture images as it is something i truly enjoy, but these past few months my camera, rather than being an attachment to arm, has become settled in it's bag and merrily dragged from location to location without barely seeing the light of day. 

Determined to break this habit of mine and rejig my shutter bug, i have made the conscious effort to capture more of my adventures again. Starting with these images from my recent trip to The Cotswolds. I spend so much of my time in this part of the country and as well as feeling incredibly lucky to be able to do so, i also find it stunningly beautiful. The perfect place to get my photography mojo flowing.

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