Oh, Autumn

Friday, November 7

I don't tend to have a favourite season. Each season brings a new adventure along with it and wonderful scenery to our countryside, however, if i were to pick one that made my heart sing a little louder it would be Autumn. Despite the fact that we have had a fairly mild Autumn this year, usually the temperate drops just enough to make everything a little more comfortable again. 

We can pull out our winter jackets, beloved tweed coats see the light of day again, fluffy socks don our feet and the evenings are filled with the smells of hearty food and fire wood burning. Standing outside wrapped up in the cold while my nose turns red, watching fireworks above me makes me more excited than it probably should. 

Arguably the countryside becomes more alive in the Autumn. The many shades of green turn into yellows, red, oranges and greens. Everything gets one last dash of beautiful colour before the Winter strikes and puts everything into hibernation. Hunting season kicks off and long standing countryside traditions are once again on the agenda for every rural dweller. Pheasants and game birds are caught and served in front of log fires. Dark evenings take over and everything gets a little more cosy. 

I can't think of a better season than Autumn, and i know i don't have to convince any of you otherwise. 

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