Thursday, November 27

I guess you could say i've lived in Lincolnshire my entire life. This has always been my bricks and mortar place to call home, and it still remains the place i come back to. When i was younger we spent our childhood travelling around parts of France, we would come back to Lincolnshire for school, but my fondest childhood memories are of running around in wellies and shorts through farms and villas in the south of France, me, three other boys and usually a dog we had found and temporarily adopted. All sunburn noses and muddy palms.

I joke all the time about the fact that I pretty much live in my Land Rover, but lately I feel like that is a very true statement, and i like it that way. I get itchy feet pretty easily, not the kind that has me jumping on planes every few months, but the kind that makes me shift from county to county, rotating and visiting loved ones. It's no wonder I have so many friends spread out across this wonderful country. Driving around and sleeping in people's spare rooms suits me more than i care to admit. 

But, i suppose i'll always call Lincolnshire home, and there are so many wonderful reasons why i love to call it that. Lately, i've been itching to go to a little further afield, I feel like my next venture will be Ireland. Its a place i have never been, but my desire to buy an Irish horse has got me fantasising about going over there and learning how they school their horses. I am a typical example of someone who wants to set down roots and then rip them up once the soil becomes too familiar. Is that a terrible thing?

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