Cheltenham countryside day (The Open)

Wednesday, November 19

There aren't many places that I don't have my camera around my neck. A day out with me is usually a day with my camera too, and the other half is slowly learning (and accepting) that he's likely to turn around and find that i stopped 10 steps back to snap some photographs. Such is the life of a shutterbug. Which brings us to horse racing. Some weeks ago before a day out to Cheltenham, we sat at the kitchen table and had the difficult conversation of saying no to the camera at the races, and you know what? It's actually pretty great. Despite that sometimes i find myself in pride picture taking spots and have to silently lump it, but, i kind of like this arrangement. I have a real excuse to not carry a heavy camera around my neck and just enjoy the day.

After all that, you may be surprised to find these photos. Well since my other half couldn't make it this day of The Open, I broke the rules, took my camera and spent the day in all my shutterbug glory. The next two days of course my camera was left in its bag and got the weekend off. 

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