Noss Mayo, Plymouth, Devon

Monday, October 6

The last leg of our Devon trip lead us to Noss Mayo. A beautiful, little village set in what feels like a valley away from the rest of the world. This tiny place, with it's winding roads and quint cottages over looking the water, made me feel like I had been shown some secret place. My mind flooded with visions of owning a stone cottage carved into the hills, owning my own little business and doing the odd shift at the local restaurant to catch up with the locals. Spending good days sailing around the estuary, reading books in the sunshine and dipping my toes into the water. Only knowing what time of day it was by the angle of the sun and how far the tide had come in yet.

We stopped for lunch in The Ship Inn, a beautiful pub overlooking the water. Meaning you park your car in the dry estuary and keep an eye on the tide. Fortunately, my truck doesn't mind getting her feet wet, but if your little vehicle isn't up to swimming, park further up the bank and when people start to move cars, you probably should do too! I can safely say that this pub will hold firm as one of my favourite places to eat for a very long time. 

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