A tour around Cornwall

Friday, October 3

The next leg of my weekend away was to cross the bridge to Cornwall. The sun was shining and the pretty town was filled to the brim with tourists roaming the coastal shops and making their way to the beaches. No trip to Cornwall would be complete without a taste of the finest Cornish pasties, now i've never raved about pasties before, the pastry being too dry or soggy, the filling being too non-existent, but Pasty Presto proudly boast that they serve the worlds best pastries, and they weren't wrong!  

I may stir up a few opinions on this one, but Cornwall really does have the most beautiful beaches. The sand is the perfect shade of golden yellow and the water is the clearest i've seen in England. The sand feels like that amazingly soft stuff you had in your sand pit as a kid and the water was warm enough you could have happily swam for miles in it. 

On our way back, instead of taking the bridge, we took the ferry, which topped off the perfect ending to a perfect afternoon. Watching the chains pull my little truck across the water, the sea breeze blowing in our faces. You really could be mistaken for thinking we had crossed over to a different country. 

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