This week in pictures (and numbers)

Friday, October 31

It feels like such a long time since i've been at home for any length of time. I was starting to think i had better change my address to my cars reg plate! So here's my week broken down into numbers.

Two: Pumpkins carved 
Six: Toffee apples made
One: Very happy dog now that everyone is back home again
One: Cold starved off as best i can. 
Six Hundred: Leaves blown from the gardens
Five: Resident cows who have become partial to a morning apple treat
Nine: The series i am up to of my rewatching of Greys Anatomy
One: Word made up. Rewatching, is that a word? It's not a word
Four: Very long dog walks
Two: Blankets on my bed at night to keep me warm
One: Job interview attended
Seven: Magical Autumn weather days
Fifty: Photos taken of leaves
One: Blog post that actually made it to publish! 

Bowood Game Fair

Tuesday, October 14

A few weekends ago Wiltshire held one of the last game and country fairs of the season. Bowood game fair. With shooting competitions, gun dog displays, wood craving and of course plenty of good food, it offers everything a good game fair should, on a smaller scale. There were great events happening all day, the mounted pony games being a particular funny one to watch! 

The local hunt made an appearance and gave the hounds a good run around the arena. Children were welcomed into the arena to meet the hounds (only once the huntsmen had dismounted and had their horses taken off to a corner, thank you new ridiculous health and safety measures!) and even raced them from one end to the other.  It always gives me goosebumps to watch the hunt, such a long standing countryside tradition that I simply can't wait to get my hands on a good hunter and join them 

We were lucky with the weather, which now seems like a distant memory, meaning we could meander around until our hearts content watching the shooting, eating bloody good sausages and peering into shops. It was a great end to the season and I can't wait for it all to start up again next spring!

Noss Mayo, Plymouth, Devon

Monday, October 6

The last leg of our Devon trip lead us to Noss Mayo. A beautiful, little village set in what feels like a valley away from the rest of the world. This tiny place, with it's winding roads and quint cottages over looking the water, made me feel like I had been shown some secret place. My mind flooded with visions of owning a stone cottage carved into the hills, owning my own little business and doing the odd shift at the local restaurant to catch up with the locals. Spending good days sailing around the estuary, reading books in the sunshine and dipping my toes into the water. Only knowing what time of day it was by the angle of the sun and how far the tide had come in yet.

We stopped for lunch in The Ship Inn, a beautiful pub overlooking the water. Meaning you park your car in the dry estuary and keep an eye on the tide. Fortunately, my truck doesn't mind getting her feet wet, but if your little vehicle isn't up to swimming, park further up the bank and when people start to move cars, you probably should do too! I can safely say that this pub will hold firm as one of my favourite places to eat for a very long time. 

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