Burghley Horse trails 2014

Friday, September 12

I would love to tell you all that I spent a lovely long weekend at Burghley, spending my days eating good food and watching the horses. The reality was that I had 5am mornings looking after other peoples horses and rushed around the get a few hours in the afternoons to spend at my favourite event of the year.

Friday afternoon was pretty much the only time i got to spend at Burghley this year. So in the few hours i had there, i ate as much as i could, wandered around shops and got a glimpse of the horses. I did however manage to buy a beautiful Timothy Fox coat for the winter season. So despite the early mornings and long days, i managed to find some sunshine from the week. 

Also a note to Emily from My gingerbread journey. I hope you had an amazing time on Saturday, I didn't even make it to cross country day! Hopefully next year we will get to roam the food tents together! 

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