A weekend in Plymouth, Devon

Friday, September 26

I had never been to Plymouth before. Actually, correct that, I had never even been to Devon before! So when I meet a boy who spent a huge chunk of his life here, it wasn't going to be long before that embarrassing reign was to be ended. 

For a girl from the flat plains of Lincolnshire, my first impressions of Plymouth were.. 'Do people actually walk up these hills?!' Apparently they do, and apparently I was about to do so too. Our first evening, the weather was beautiful. The harbour was lined with drinkers, diners and couples walking hand in hand, as the sun set you could be forgiven for thinking you had missed your plane ride to a far off destination. I wandered around with my camera glued to my hand and a smile on my face, taking as much of the area in as I could. 

He lost me to my camera until the sun went down and with rumbling bellies went in search of food. We dined on some of the best steak i've ever been served in a little place above the gin distillery. If you're ever in the area Barbican Kitchen is well worth a visit. The wine going down far too well, the rest of the evening became a series of blurs, in the best kind of way.

One last note, since this boy has taken to reading my little space of the internet. Thank you for a truly, wonderful weekend, clearly I am better about writing about my experiences than I am physically talking about them. 

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