Weekend Scenes

Thursday, August 21

I feel like I haven't done a weekend scenes post for so long now. Most of my time at the moment is buzzing all over the place that I've hardly had time to take photos at all. This weekend I managed to convince my mother to give up most of her Saturday and follow me around the stables taking photos for me. Happy, the grey horse up there, is coming on leaps and bounds with her schooling, and despite throwing me off the other day over an imaginary bird on the ground, i'm confident that we will do well in the show jumping at the end of the month. The reason i'm competing with Happy and not Morris is a sad one. Unfortunately Morris has had to be semi-retired, as the bones in his legs are simply not up to the kind of work he has always done any more. I'm completely gutted but i have to do what's best for him.

The field opposite my house finally got harvested this weekend. I've been waiting for what feels like the entire summer to see the combine doing it's thing over there, so the second I got home to dust in the air and the tractors carting away freshly cut wheat, I was out there with my camera in one hand and a dog in the other. I'm playing tour guide for the bank holiday weekend, good food will be involved! Lets hope summer sticks it out for a few more weeks shall we?

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