Weekend Scenes

Thursday, July 10

 Something i've always wanted from when i was a little girl was a tree swing. We never had a tree on our property that was big enough to have one, so now that i have a paddock full of trees, i built myself a seat and with a little help from my dear grandad, roped it up and made a swing! After our job well done we decided a little summer garden party was in order. We dug up some potatoes and set about making a BBQ. Home grown potatoes really do taste better than anything else! 

You might have seen on my instagram that i picked up my new car last week too. On Sunday Grizzle and I loaded up our new truck and set across the countryside for an adventure. We took her over some fields and put her through her paces. It was amazing to be able to fit everything in my car for once after having the TT since i was 19. I'm smitten with my new truck and it would appear so is Grizzle.

I've spent this week packing for my trip away on Friday. I'm making the four hour journey across the country to see my dear friend Emily and spend a week with her, horse riding, dog walking and afternoon tea dining! I've scheduled some posts for next week so hopefully you'll have something pretty to look at while i'm away. 

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