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Wednesday, July 2

I have lived in Lincolnshire my entire life, I was born and bred on Lincolnshire sausages and country air. My childhood was split between here and travelling the south of France, but my home roots grow firmly in Lincolnshire soil. I could preach to you how amazingly beautiful my home county is till I'm blue in the face, I could try and explain what 'mardy' means to you, what on earth a dyke is and that yes, Most of Lincolnshire is almost completely flat. Which as far as I'm aware are three of the strangest things anyone outside of Lincolnshire has ever heard. 

A brilliant line was said on Countryfile this Sunday 'If Kent is England's garden, then Lincolnshire is England's Farm!' Our rural landscapes showcase some truly amazing farm land. The fields around us are all living breathing farm land belonging to some one, and it's absolutely stunning! Since our county is all about farming it means we come with a fair good idea on our grub. Lincolnshire yellow bellies love their food! Cornwall has pasties, Yorkshire has Yorkshire puds, but Lincolnshire, oh Lincolnshire, has Lincolnshire sausages. All that needs to be said about Lincolnshire Sausages is 1. They're delicious, and 2. They were voted in the top 3 sausages in the UK by those good folks at BBC Good Food Magazine. Many restaurants will state that they are using our native sausage but if not, ask! If you're here, you need to try them. 

Arguably the best thing we have here that no other county does, is the beautiful Lincolnshire Wolds. Our very own area of outstanding beauty! Most of my photos of rural landscape on this blog are of the Wolds. This is the point where we start to get a few hills, nothing like other county's, but a few rolling bumps to add to it's charm. The Wolds is the most beautiful, idyllic and wonderful place to spend a day. Take good walking boots, possibly a dog, a camera is a good idea too, you're going to want to capture it's beauty and show all your friends back home! The Wolds will pose for you, show you adventures and lead you on a journey until you say it's time for a pint and a well earned rest. I live about 15 minutes drive through open road from the gateway to the Wolds, which is otherwise known as Horncastle. Horncastle is a charming little village with great tea shops, antique stores and good pubs. It also has a killer fish and chip shop, Mermaids fish and chips (28 South St, Horncastle LN9 6DX) is a cute little shop on the way through Horncastle and is a must have stop for lovers of the traditional food. 

Another great place for a dog walk is The magic woods. Okay, it's not actually called The Magic Woods, in fact, it's called Reddings Woods. Although i'm convinced it is a magical place, even if you're not, it's still a beautiful woodland area to take your pooch for a walk. It's not just dog friendly though, cyclist regularly can be seen whizzing around the trees and even the occasional horse and rider enjoying a woodland hack. If you're in need of a lunch time treat after a long wander through the trees, just down the road is a charming little country pub called The Ebrington Arms. They do great food and a cracking Sunday lunch. Try the home made Yorkshire puds, just do it! 

While we are on food though, my favourite restaurant of all time is The George at Stamford (71 High Street St Martin's, Stamford, Lincolnshire PE9 2LB) This beautiful hotel is for those of you who like fine dining, it boasts of two restaurants, The Garden Room, which is a more relaxed area, a fixed menu of deliciously quality food, and no reservation is normally needed. And then there is the Oak Panelled Restaurant, famous for it's high quality cuisine, exceptional service and ornate setting, it comes with it's own dress code for dining and in busier times, a 3 week wait list for weekend dining. It's that good! If you order the beef it will be brought to you at the table and cut in front of you, so you can choose the rareness and how many slices you require. If you're not full up from the spectacular main dish, the dessert trolley is something out of every sweet lovers heaven. A wide range of desserts is dangled in front of you on literally a silver platter to make your mouth water. If you can see it and turn down dessert you have more will power than anyone i've ever dined with, and frankly we can't be friends. 

Stamford it's self is somewhere you need to take a stroll too. The entire town is built in stone and is about the only place that would ever sway me to live in a town, just, and that really is saying something! Stamford was the setting for the film Pride and Prejudice and The Sunday Times regularly award it the best place to live in Britain, no biggy! It's full of charm, great restaurants, wonderful shops and even a few good night clubs if that's your kind of thing. Stamford also gets to have Burghley House right on its doorstep, which if you've seen these posts then you can see for yourself how wonderful that is. 

Now, a visit to Lincolnshire wouldn't be complete without heading off to Lincoln for the day. Spend the day shopping, eating tea and cakes or be brave enough to venture up steep hill on foot and visit the cathedral. There is so much history and culture to see in Lincoln, you can't not have a look around. The inside of the cathedral was actually used in the film, The Da vinci Code, you know that it near the end where they're in that church and then all of a sudden it's in London or somewhere, yeah, that's not in London, that's in Lincoln!

So there you have it, just some of the many reasons to visit my beautiful home county that is Lincolnshire. I could carry on, but I think we would be here for days. So I'll leave you with this one last fact.. Through all it's wonderful qualities their is one thing that this great county has that none other can lay claim too. No it's not the country's only place with all four modes of transportation running parallel to each other in row, although it is, it's the fact that this beautiful, wonderful county is home to the cutest, funniest and all round most brilliant Border Terrier pup going...Grizzle. So we win. 

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