A week in Wiltshire

Friday, July 25

Last week I packed up my bags and headed across the country to Wiltshire to see my dear friend Emily. The plan was to house sit a country cottage, look after two very excitable spaniels and one jack russell and spend our days in the sunshine surrounded by beautiful countryside. We had one of those weeks where you forget about your day to day lives and enjoy every moment you're in. We woke up each morning, had tea in the garden and made a plan for the day. We spent hours talking and making life decisions and had some much needed time away from it all. 

I fell in love over and over again. With Wiltshire itself, the beautiful surroundings i was in and in-particular with that little brown spaniel up there who shared my hair colour and love of jumping in water. I fell in love so much that i ended up staying a few extra days than i had planned to, simply because i didn't want to go back to reality just yet. I could have taken photos of everything, but the heat was so great that carrying a heavy camera around my neck seemed too much to bare. 

I now have a new found respect for people who can photograph spaniels. They don't stop moving unless they are asleep and it would appear they don't sleep much either. I've never had so many photographs come out blurry as i have trying to get a snap of these two. Even so, i still wanted to bundle them up and bring them home to live with me, I don't think Grizzle would be very happy about that idea though! 

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