52 Lists // Twenty Eight

Monday, July 7

1. To see as much of the world as I can.
2. To own the little white house in The Wolds with the fields. 
3. To marry my soul mate in an English country wedding.
4. To own and run my own yard. 
5. To create a happy, loving life for myself and my future family.
6. To create more amazing memories with some of my closest friends. 
7. To continue to spend days out with just Grizzle and I. Enjoying each other and exploring together.
8. To have a house full of laughter, love and happiness. 
9. To see more sunny days.  
10. To enjoy each and every moment in my life. 
11. To let worries and frustrations become a thing of the past. 
12. To be like the amazing women I admire so much. 

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