Weekend Scenes

Tuesday, June 24

I'm currently staring out at the summer sun through my window and thinking about this weekend just gone. You may have guessed that my weekends have a similar, uncoordinated routine. Fridays are either movie nights or drinks in the local with friends, Saturdays I spend the day with the horses, giving them some much needed love and exercise that they wouldn't otherwise get from quick evening visits after work. And Sundays, oh Sundays. I spend these mainly at home, milling away hours in the fields reading or exploring. Griz and I will wake early, enjoy a cup of tea in bed while the sun peeks through the windows. We will get ready for the day and head out exploring, usually ending up at the woods or the beach, or somewhere completely new to us that we will no doubt never find again. 

I had a few days off this week so for me, that routine has been repeated over and over again in the most joyous of ways. That small table and chairs were rescued from the fishing lakes over the way, it was gifted to us, cleaned up and painted by us, and placed amongst the trees and the drying hay in the paddock. I feel so blessed to have such an amazing space to call home, with one household of human neighbours over the road, a small office and club house the other side that belong to the fishing lakes, no street lights, shaky electricity and a herd of cows currently residing in our back field, that regularly get rounded up by my ginger cat! I tell you, I adopt strange animals. I can't think of how anyone could live in a busy city, with the only nature being a few pigeons and street rats. It's a beautiful life out here. 

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