Weekend Scenes

Thursday, June 5

Weekends are wonderful aren't they? Nothing makes me happier than spending the weekends with great friends and my animals. I spent most of my weekend on horseback, which is pretty much every weekend for me. Friday evening I took my trainer up on his offer to visit his yard and ride one of his eventers, I had an amazing time, and i'm planning on going back very soon. I love my Morris to pieces, but these horses are another league of their own and it was great to be able to work on my own positioning a bit more. I spent Saturday  riding Morris and hanging around the stables. I've been really happy with Morris lately, as we've started him on a new routine to help his back and legs, and he seems to be thriving from it! 

To me, my favourite part of Sundays is the morning. Usually, Grizzle and I will have a lie in, open the curtains and take a cup of tea back up to bed, just for an hour or so, read a book or take a look on Pinterest. This Sunday however, the cats had a different idea. One of my cats can open doors, so as he's opened the door and left it open the other cat has run inside with a baby rabbit in her mouth. Have you ever heard a rabbit scream? They do, trust me! It was enough to wake the rest of the household and have us all run down to the kitchen, including Grizzle! Well, you can imagine what happened then can't you. We managed to get the rabbit off the cats (still alive at this point) and get it outside, where he then hid under a bush to no doubt recover from his impending heart attack. 

A little while later, Grizzle disappears and I find him outside, shaking said rabbit and dropping it on the floor. The cat had opened the door and the three off them had ambushed the poor thing. Great, a dead rabbit on the driveway, that none of them even wanted to eat. Oh and that last photo up there, isn't even the same rabbit, because that little angelic cat, went and got another one, which she bit it's head off and left....can I say #countrysideproblems!

4 note(s)..:

  1. Apart from the rabbit incident, it sounds like a lovely weekend!

    1. It was, rabbit killing and drama aside!

  2. Beautiful photos yet again! Grizzle has just the most lovely and inquisitive features - what a sweetie pie.

    I completely agree about Sunday mornings - there is something so wonderful about them. Although your Sunday morning sounded a little eventful - what do they say about working with animals? :) Our dogs and cats were big fans of frogs and mice. The dogs and cats would team up with each other (the only time!) and definitely caused several chaotic mornings!

    Beccy ~ Bluebell & Bumpkin

    1. Thank you, he is adorable I must agree.
      Oh god, they are such terrors sometimes aren't they?



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