Lincolnshire Show

Thursday, June 26

Lincolnshire show is one of the biggest calender events of the rural community around here. The event is always held mid week and is always everybody's reason for having a day off work that week. The show is a spectacular turnout of local businesses, livestock and traditions we proudly uphold in Lincolnshire. My favourite part of the show is watching the hunt gallop around the parade ring, it's one of those times I become all goose pimply and proud to be apart of it. 

We were up and bundled into the car early, avoiding the traffic and managing to get a cuppa before anything else. We did a bit of shopping, took a wander around at all the farm equipment and spent the entire time being thankful for where we live. I spent most of the day between the horse shows and the food trucks, but there is simply so much to see we couldn't stay in one place for too long. 

The sun appeared mid afternoon and soon pimms were drank and layers were shed. Watching the livestock is always an interesting one, I think people forget how strong sheep actually are, or how noisy they are when they want to be. Grizzle spent the entire time with his head to one side. He's fairly accustomed to cows and horses, but sheep are another strange thing all together! 

If you're thinking of going next year I would say, get there early to make sure you see as much as you can. Plan a meeting spot with friends, because phones tend to go on strike (or the three different networks we all had did) and if you're taking dogs, for the love of god, make sure you have them under control, especially around the livestock and when the hounds come out. I watched a fair few people struggling when one of the hounds broke away from the group and was wandering around trying to get back to the pack.

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