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Thursday, June 12

Do you know what? I hardly picked up my camera this week. It's usually an extension of myself, always hanging from my neck, I don't even find it strange to carry it with me everywhere anymore, because I am so used to this little magic box that captures memories, but for no reason at all, I have hardly picked it up this week. Which brings me to the soul reason for my lack of posts this week. It wasn't because I didn't do anything, quite the opposite, I just lived the moment without documenting it at all. 

Do you know what else? It's my birthday on Sunday. Yep, on Sunday I turn 23 years old. And i'm quite excited for it. Not because I get to be another year 'older' but because I think my 23rd year of life is going to be a truly spectacular one. 

Since I am going to be celebrating my 23rd year, I thought I would tell you some of what I've learnt in those years. I say some, because to write everything I have learnt would require many, many hours. 

- Time heals and things really do get better with time. I think my journey has been one hell of a ride so far, I've had to overcome things that I wouldn't wish upon anyone else, but it's always worked out eventually. And as cheesy as it sounds, I would probably be a different person today if that hadn't been my story. The important thing is though, that my past stays right there, in the past, and I'll never let those things effect my present or future. Which brings me to say, we're all so much stronger than we first thought. 

- If it doesn't make you happy then it isn't worth doing. We get a fresh shot at living every, single day. We don't live once, we die once. We live everyday. Why would you waste your time doing something that doesn't make you happy? Don't waste your life with someone who doesn't make your heart sing or your belly hurt from laughing so much. Happiness is what we're all here for. 

- You are worth the world, even if you're the only one who sees it right now. You're the centre of your own little universe. I struggled so much throughout massive parts of my life with the concept of self love. While at high school, it was seen as being up yourself if you said nice things about yourself, then realising my own self worth took many battles with people closest to me. It's probably one of the most valuable life lessons to learn. Please don't pity yourself, it won't help. 

- A negative mind never got you a positive life. I feel like people know this without really putting it into practise. I'm a firm believer in the power of positivity and I simply won't entertain negative thoughts. I don't have time for them, i have a lot of living to do, and i'm damn well going to be happy while i do it!

- Make time for yoga and your meditation, it's important. 

- 'I learnt so much about being a friend when i was alone, and so much about falling in love when i was falling out of it'. I think that may be one of my favourite quotes of all time. Last year when i went through one of the most difficult times of my life, i spent so much time healing myself. I learnt so much about how you should treat people and how you should be treated by others. Taking time to be alone is what pulled me through it all. 

- Even if nothing else good happens that day, there is always a sun rise and a sun set. Every day. Without fail. And sometimes it's okay that that's the only good thing that day.

- The best way to take my make up off is with olive oil and honey. Also toner is important. Apple cider vinegar is brilliant for so many things. Oh and milk is a great face mask. You don't need to spend lots of money to look after your skin. 

- My soul is happy when it's in nature. I'm happiest when i am outside, on the ground, on a horse, walking the dog, listening to the sounds of the world. Anything that requires me to be outside and feel the wind on my face, makes my soul happy. It makes me feel free. 

- Be kind to the earth, one day you'll be a part of it. 

- I have learnt more life lessons from Greys Anatomy than i have any other form of entertainment. You will do well to watch it from start to finish, take in everything about it. Also my personality is a mixture of Meredith, Cristina and Izzy and i love that.

- 'A person who is nice to you but not to the waiter is not a nice person' also 'A true judge of character is how one treats someone who can do nothing for them'.

- It's okay to be sad, distraught and utterly at a loss, but just don't be that way forever. It'll pass, you just have to get through it. The universe wants you to be happy. 

- Say yes and figure it out afterwards. I have been given some of the most amazing experiences by just agreeing to doing something when i've been unsure. I just say yes and go with it. It could make your entire life. 

- I find a scan through pinterest and it's fabulous quotes can sometimes give you the answers you're looking for. 

- Oh, and, a cup of tea and a pack of biscuits with a good friend to listen can normally solve most of your problems. Because life isn't really as bad as it seems, most the time. 

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  1. I love this. So genuine and real, and to be honest, you're right about all of it. We just need to remind ourselves about a lot of these life lessons and make sure they are always in the forefront during a tough or confusing time.
    I needed to hear some of this today, so thank you :)
    Ps. And I'm drinking my morning cup of tea while reading, which makes it that much better!

  2. Love this so very much. Yes the sun always rises and always sets, yes to life lessons taken from Greys Anatomy and mega yes to tea, biscuits and friends. A post filled with wisdom, thank you!
    Have a fantastic birthday weekend
    M x Life Outside London



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