52 Lists // Twenty Four

Monday, June 9

1. My birthday on Sunday.
2. Sinking my toes into the sand.
3. Riding all of next weekend on some amazing horses.
4. Having family friends over.
5. Being taken for an amazing meal for my birthday.
6. Baking birthday cake! 
7. Blowing my candles out and making a wish.
8. My trip to see one of my soul sisters in July. 
9. Making plans to see my oldest friend at the end of the month. 
10. Booking a holiday for September. 
11. Lincolnshire show next week.
12. Having a few days off work.
13. The sunsets at the end of the summer days. 
14. Smiling a whole lot. 
15. Spending days and weeks with some pretty wonderful people. 
16. My freckles coming out even more. 
17. Genuinely riding this birthday vibe like a wave for as long as possible. 

*Just a quick note - I have so many people leaving their emails and wanting to join in on this little project, which is fantastic. I did however close the email applicants a long time ago, however you are MORE than welcome to join in, just pop back every Monday and see what this weeks list is here. You can leave your links in the comments for others to see.

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  1. So exciting that it's nearly your birthday! I have another 6 months to wait... I'm also pretty jealous you're going to the Lincolnshire Show - I'm working and so disappointed. Hope you have a wonderful time.

    1. I booked a few days off next week and as i missed it last year i thought it would be perfect while I'm not at work. x

  2. Ooh happy birthday for Sunday! Hope you have a lovely day! :-) x



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