Badminton Horse Trails 2014 (2)

Wednesday, May 21

I took so many photos of cross country day that i had to split it into a few posts. The cross country events are by far always my favourite of the three day events. You wouldn't know it from some of these photos but just before the cross country started it chucked it down! As in, we had to buy ponchos to stop my camera getting wet kind of chuck it down, that ''fine rain that soaks yer right through'' Said in a northern accent. Kind of chucked it down. 

Then the sun came out, and everyone breathed a sign of relief. Well you did if you weren't competing, the course was horrendous and so many people came off, (thankfully all horses and riders were fine) something like only 15% of runners got through to the show jumping on day three. By the time we had walked the course, eaten yet more and more food, it began to rain again, the wind picked up and we felt like we were in a tornado..

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  1. Emma this is getting me so so excited for Burghley!!
    Lovely action photos too :)
    Emily xx
    My GingerBread Journey

    1. Oh god tell me about it Em! It'll be here before we know it! xx

  2. these are fabulous photos! Wish i could have gone :(



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