Badminton Horse Trails 2014 (1)

Thursday, May 15

I'd been looking forward to this weekend just gone for what seemed like years. We woke on Friday bubbling with excitement and cautiously checking what the weather was doing. The sky taunted us for most of the day, breaking into sunshine, then going overcast again, the wind at times was horrendous, and we thought more than once that the roof of the grandstand may just blow away mid test. 

We spent far more time than was necessary cooing over sweet puppies and police horses. The officers were nice enough to chat to us about anything we asked and revealing that even the biggest horse they had there (at 17.3hh)  still wasn't as big as Emily's boy who is 17.3 1/2hh, trust me, the half makes all the difference. To put that in perspective, Morris is 16.2hh! There's a reason i looked like a dot riding him.

Eventually, after spending far too much money, and eating our way through food tent after food tent, the sun appeared! We watched the riders in all their finery display flawless displays of dressage, with the horses every so often giving us glimpses that they were just like any other horse, capable of messing around, spooking and rearing (probably in the most elegant way i've ever witnessed). We piled all our shopping bags into a little mini and headed off home, far too early for our liking, we would have slept there in the stables if we could have. 

2 note(s)..:

  1. It looks like the most wonderful of days, and everyone is so happy and friendly :)
    those meringues!! goodness I could scoff them all right now!
    And those police horses are ever so elegant
    I love being able to escape to the country via your posts
    x x x
    {The Lobster & Me}

    1. Walking around those food tents is marvellous!! The police horses were so good! Morris would never have stood and took all that fuss haha.



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