52 Lists // Twenty two

Tuesday, May 27

1. Grizzle, in every way possible.
2. Peaceful summer evenings.
3. The way Morris searches my pockets for polos.
4. Laughing with good friends. 
5. Drinking tea out of my favourite mugs. 
6. Feeling like I wouldn't want to be anywhere else in the world.
7. The bond between the horses I'm riding. 
8. Seeing new comments on my blog.
9. Taking photographs.
10. Experiencing true love. 
11. Gatherings with loved ones. 
12. Lazy Sunday mornings with tea and books in bed. 
13. Giving gifts that people really love. 
14. The feeling of a good meditation session. 
15. Dancing all night, lost in the moment. 
16. Planning for a wonderful future. 
17. Reading a really good book. 
18. Smiling at strangers. 
19. Small acts of kindness. 
20. Movie nights with good crisps and glasses of wine. 

4 note(s)..:

  1. Perfect timing for this list! I really needed a moment to dwell on the really good things in life. You have some lovely things on yours!

    Whisky & Woodsmoke

  2. I need to catch up massively with my listing (and most everything else in life!) This is a beaut. I started listing ones that also applied to me but that was most of them!
    M x Life Outside London

  3. OOOh. I'll join you for number 20! You bring the crisps, I'll bring the wine!



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