Belton Horse Trails 2014

Tuesday, April 8

It's safe to say that i spend most of my time around horses. It's also safe to say that my summer is either spent eventing or watching events. This past weekend was Belton horse trails, so on Sunday morning i gathered my things, loaded Grizzle and myself in the car and lugged my camera around Belton watching all that was going on. 

The weather threatened rain all day but luckily it held off and nobody got soaked while out on the course. I walked around the pain arena and spent far too long watching the pony club racing around, getting all nostalgic and laughing at how fearless some of the smallest children are. I used to be one of those crazy pony club competitors. 

3 note(s)..:

  1. What great photos! I don't think I could ever do cross country, the jumps are so intense!

  2. It looks great. I love watching the horses at county shows in the summer months and of course, the Horse of the Year show. It makes me wish I could ride! x

  3. I followed you because I noticed you were going to the Lincoln bloggers. I'm so glad to have found someone who had the shared interest of the country side and horse riding. I'm a farm girl and horse ride myself. Although I don't blog about it i'm really happy to be able to read from someone who does.
    I was at this years Belton too. It's was fab despite the weather



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