52 Lists // Sixteen

Monday, April 14

1. Make breakfast in bed.
2. Walk Grizzle in the back fields.
3. Remember sunglasses - you'll need them.
4. Tend to the horses. 
5. Go for a gallop with horsey friends and play in the paddocks. 
6. Meet for a long pub lunch. 
7. Spend the day at the beach, dogs, friends, flasks of tea, picnics and waves. 
8. Throw an evening BBQ in the paddock until the early hours.
9. Dance the night away under fairy lights, sipping wine and lounging in hammocks. 
10. Be surrounded by friends, laughter, animals and the rolling countryside. 

3 note(s)..:

  1. Great list! I was definitely thinking it needed to be a sunny day as well. If we did this list again in the autumn, I wonder if it would look quite different? x

  2. Sounds like a beautiful weekend. Hope you get to live all/most/some of it over Easter.
    M x Life Outside London



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