52 Lists // seventeen

Tuesday, April 22

1. My health.
2. The wonderful friends I have.
3. That I get to live in this beautiful countryside.
4. My warm, happy home.
5. Grizzle and all his little quirks.
6. The horses.
7. My fun little car. 
8. The universe that keeps giving me adventures.
9. My camera lens
10. My family.
11. My mind.
12. Sunny mornings.
13. Cups of Yorkshire tea.
14. Pinterest for allowing me to have endless wish boards.
15. Good red wine.
16. Bubble baths.
17. Long weekends.
18. Air travel.
19. Country shows and communities. 
20. This blog - and all who visit here. 

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3 note(s)..:

  1. Perfect list. Gratitude is such a grounding thing - thanks for making it this week's topic :) xxx

  2. It's no problem Beeta! I'm glad you enjoy it! xxx

  3. Love your blog name! This is a great list, agree with so many of them :)



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