52 Lists // Fifteen

Monday, April 7

1. The warmth of summer air
2. Driving with the roof down
3. Horse rides in the sunshine
4. The smell of real leather
5. Fresh flowers in vases
6. Cups of tea in bed in the mornings
7. Fresh bed sheets
8. A book you can't put down
9. Afternoons laughing with friends
10. A glass of wine after a long day
11. Dinner parties with loved ones
12. Walks with Grizzle
13. Meditation 
14. The sand between your toes
15. Airport reunions
16. Exploring new places

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  1. Such a lovely list - lots of things that I would add to my own. I love driving in summer with the wind blowing through your hair. It feels a long way off right now, doesn't it? x

  2. I love this list, it's such a great idea to focus on things like this. I'm a sucker for airport reunions, it's awful, I well up every time I see Love Actually! This list reminded me of the little things in life that I couldn't do without when I was writing mine.

    Anna xx | The Girl In The Moon



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