Weekend Scenes

Tuesday, April 29

This post should maybe have been called 'what happens when your dog goes digging in the lake'. We took Griz for a long walk round the lakes on Sunday and he became fascinated with trying to dig in the reeds. The one time i leave my camera on the side and it's typical that i find so many things i needed my camera for! 

To tell you the truth i was a bit rubbish on the camera front this weekend. I don't really know what happened to be honest, but never mind. These photos of Grizzle back yard bath and the after effects will make up for it. Look at that face! 

52 lists // eighteen

Monday, April 28

1. Build my beautiful dream house in the countryside.
2. Complete with stable block, outdoor arena and cross country track.
3. Buy a quint little cottage in Norfolk for weekends away.
4. Buy my three dreams cars. 
5. Pay off my mothers mortgage. 
6. Get Grizzle some brothers and sisters. 
7. Get Morris some stable buddies.
8. Visit all the countries I have always wanted too. 
9. Buy a horse lorry and caravan. 
10. Pay for all the changes my mother wants to make to our house. 
11. Set up and run my own yard. 
12. Carry on living my life the way I do. 

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This & That

Friday, April 25

Notes from the (past few) weeks..

These daffodils - for making great impromptu and free gifts for people when i need them most.

These candles - because they helped create the most relaxing little atmosphere while watching movies, reading a book or generally meditating. 

This vintage chest - because I stumbled upon it at a recent car boot sale and managed to get a great deal from the seller. It's now being used as a coffee table in the garden room. 

This collection of books and magazines - because i only walked into Asda while I waited for my car to be washed and came out with a whole load of new reading material. 

These eggs - because these are the real Easter eggs of the year. Nature does such a better job at creating pretty coloured eggs than what we can do with chocolate, plus these make cakes, so they win. 

What else:
1. Jenny Rudall re-tweeted and replied to me. Proud moment right there. 
2. Rosie & her lovely man got engaged and we are all swooning over the proposal
3. It's only 2 weeks until Badminton horse trails. 
4. I have a new camera lens on order.
5. Morris's legs are playing him up again and it breaks my heart. 

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Easter Weekend Scenes

Thursday, April 24

The bank holiday went far too quickly if you ask me. The Lincolnshire weather was a bit hit and miss at times but when the sun did appear i spent my time firmly fixed outside. For easter Sunday we had a family gathering, i cooked roast beef with all the trimmings and baked cakes for everyone. Easter is a bit like Christmas for me, only it's better because the sun is usually out and the after dinner walk isn't quite so nippy. The lakes near my house were filled with visitors, caravans and motor homes popped up everywhere and the normally fairly deserted lakes were scattered with fisherman. 

On Saturday i headed off down to Norfolk for the day to meet some friends. We took Grizzle for a long walk and then finished the evening off with a BBQ. The next few weekends are filled with exciting plans for me. I'm headed off to spend time with friends, both new and old, filled with horses and drinks and dancing the nights away. I have a very good feeling that this year is going to bring some great things my way and i'm so looking forward to finding out what they are! 

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