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Friday, March 21

Notes from this week..

These gardening tools - Because of how useful they have been these past few days with Spring fast approaching. 

This swing bench - because it was kindly left behind by the old owners and lovingly restored by us this weekend. It now takes pride of place in a light spot in our garden. 

These tiny seedlings - because it's been a project i've been itching to start for the entire winter and now i have the perfect space for them to grow and flower. 

This birthday cake - because it took hours to make, many, many eggs, and a new recipe that went down a storm with the birthday girl, especially since i had to find alternatives for almost everything. 

This new camera lens - because its brought me so much happiness discovering new things to photograph and better photographs just from this tiny little lens. Photography really does make me happy. 

These hyacinths - for blooming so quickly in my bedroom window, filling the entire top floor with their delicious scent and pretty white faces. 

What else..
1. My recovery seems to be going much better than last time and hopefully i shall be back to my old self in no time. 
2. I've seen this week just how selfish and self absorbed people can be, it's a painful reminder. 
3. I went barefaced for breast cancer and i don't find it narcissistic at all, i find it a way to take part. 
4. I missed the smell and touch of the horses so much i went and sat in Morris's stable just to be close to them. 
5. I've found time for this blog again. 

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2 note(s)..:

  1. i'll definitely put a swing bench in our backyard one day.

    1. It's a lovely place to relax. Especially one warm evenings with a blanket and cup of tea. xx



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