The wanderers

Tuesday, March 25

Some days i will wake up with a yearning in my heart. A yearning to explore a new place and fine hidden gems away from the rest of the world. The other week Grizzle and I bundled into the car and drove. We followed our instincts, let the sunshine and the tarmac guide us and just went with it. Sure enough we came across this beautiful little country trail. 

My back still in agony i stubbornly got out the car and walked anyway. Grizzle padded along side me, sympathetic of how long it was taking me to walk the slight hills. This house in the woods is the kind of place i imagine living one day. It is surrounded by trees and lakes, the fields just over the hill offering a world of countryside to play in. We wandered aimlessly, me snapping away on my camera and Grizzle taking in all the smells around him, for what felt like hours, before making our way back to the car. The sun was high and bright and the only sound came from passing birds and tractors in nearby fields. 

Sometimes i just need to get lost for a while to make me see that things will be okay. The world really does keep turning, no matter what happens to us in the between times. 

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  1. It looks like it was the perfect weather for a good explore and I'm with you on getting lost to clear your mind, I used to traipse up and down the beach for hours when I needed to think x



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