An introduction to Grizzle

Wednesday, March 26

I don't usually take part in tags. Quite frankly i find them boring to read and boring to write, but this one i made an exception for. I spotted this tag thanks to Michelle and found hers to be a whimsical and interesting read. Grizzle is as part of this blog as i am, arguably more as he seems to be in the photographs much more than myself, so taking the time to do a little introduction into him seemed like a good thing. 

What is his/her name?
.(n).Karesvelle cayenne. More commonly known as Grizzle. He also gets called Rupert, Grizzly bear, Roo, and Roo bear. 
When did you get him?
I got Grizzle when he was 8 weeks old. He was so tiny he could fit in the palm of my hand. We have grown up together for the past 9 years. 

What is something he does that annoys you?
He rolls in dead rabbits quite frequently. Having to bath him afterwards does get annoying. 

What type of breed is he?
He's a Border Terrier. 

Has he ever had a near death experience?
Last year Grizzle contracted pancreatitis. If we hadn't got him diagnosed and treated when we did, it's likely he wouldn't have been here today. It was one of the worst experiences of my life and i'm forever grateful that he is okay. 

Does he know any tricks? 
He's a fairly well behaved dog. He knows how to sit, stay, paw, lay down, dance on his back feet, come back, all the usual things you teach dogs. He's also done a fair bit of agility training when he was younger. I used to set out the horse jumps and do courses with him. 

Does he love to snuggle? 
Griz will quite happily snuggle up to you. He sleeps next to me on the bed every night, but when he wants to be on his own he will simply walk away, if you're trying to snuggle him or not. 

Where did you get him?
We had been looking for the right breeder for the best part of a year before we found Grizzles breeder. She was a very respectable lady who owned both his parents. Grizzles mother, father and grandmother have all won at Crufts. 

Does he get along with other dogs? 
Yes and No. Grizzle gets on fine with certain dogs. He will happily play with any kind of dog or leisurely walk around with them, but he hates dogs that jump all over him. He's a typical terrier and very territorial. If a dog wont leave him alone when he's tried to get away from them, it's only a matter of time before he will bite them and warn them off. Likewise if a dog tries to go for him on their lead or not he will assert his territory. 

Does he get along with strangers?
Yes. Grizzle doesn't care if he's never met you or he sees you every day. Although he is a very good judge of character and if he doesn't like you he will let you know. For one you won't be allowed too close to me. He'll stand in the way and warn you off if he detects something off. I remember he once hated an ex boyfriend of mine, he would never let him come near me in the house, turns out Grizzle judged that one better than me. 

How much does he weigh?
I have no idea. A healthy weight the last time he had his check up at the vets.

Do you ever dress him up?  
No. Not really. Grizzle sometimes wears bandannas, he has a barbour coat for the depths of winter and he has a special red hunting coat but that's it. I can't stand when people put little skirts and stuff on their dogs. It makes me cringe. 

Has he ever tried to run away?
No. He's a good dog and he knows where he's allowed to go on his own and not. You could leave him out all day and he wouldn't go anywhere. 

How did you come up with his name? 
Well his real name is obviously the pedigree name he was given when he was born, but Grizzle comes from his colouring. grizzle and tan. He also looks like a grizzly bear so it seemed rather fitting. 

How much does he/she mean to you on a scale of 1-10?
More than my right arm. 

I hope you enjoyed this post. I know it's a little different to what i usually do but never mind. If you feel like taking part and answering these questions do leave me a comment. I like reading about peoples pets. 

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  1. Grizzle is such an adorable name, and dog! The pictures of him are so cute, ahh he seems lovely :) I have a dog and love her to pieces, I can't believe some people don't like dogs!x

    1. I don't trust people who say they don't like dogs :p x

  2. Grizzle is gorgeous! I have two borders (mother and daughter) and I am totally biased but they are an amazing breed! Mine don't sound as well behaved as Grizzle though, they often go off on 'walks' together for a couple of hours and stress the entire family out trying to find them. Oh and mine do the rolling in horrible stuff too (usually fox poo), such a terrier thing! xx

    1. They're a great breed! Ah how cute, i bet that's stressful though. Grizzle sometimes takes off after rabbits but after a few seconds he realises what he's doing and looks round to see if he can still see me again haha! xx

  3. I wish I could meet Grizzle, he sounds like the perfect dog and very photogenic! x

    1. Ah thanks babe. I'm pretty lucky to have him :)

  4. Loved the post! So nice getting to know Grizzle - he's lovely and I know exactly what you mean by "more than my right arm". We feel exactly the same way about our dog, MudLynn.

  5. Oooh Grizzle's a bit posh!! Love, love, loved finding out more about him and your photos are just gorgeous as always.
    You're absolutely right, those who don't like dogs are not to be trusted!!
    M x Life Outside London



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