Winter Walks

Wednesday, February 12

There is something so magical to me about the woods, and these woods in particular hold so many memories to me. As i walk deeper and deeper within the trees i begin to feel further and further away from the rest of the world.  An odd thing happens when i come here, each and every time i can pin point exactly how i was feeling that day. Much like when you read a book on holiday and every time after you re-read it, you imagine yourself back in that very spot. I have come here for birthdays, happy Sunday strolls, and days when i felt so lost i had no other strength in me but to walk and think. Each time i can almost feel the trees welcoming me like an old friend asking 'What can we do for you today?' I will walk out of this place a different person than when i went in. Every time. 

This time i visited for no other reason than the sun was shining and i couldn't think of any place i would rather be. Grizzle and i take our time to get lost, loosing all sense of time and not even caring if we don't know which way it is back to the car. I always imagine if i get really lost and have to sleep here, that'll be just fine by me. This magical place will i'm sure bring me across some shelter if i need it. Every so often we spot other signs of life, people ride bikes in the distance and dog walkers stroll around with hands deep in their pockets. The winter sun beamed down on us just enough to take the sharp chill from our noses. I wrapped up in multiple layers that i later shed as the wind could no longer reach us through the trees, and took many more photos than these ones here. We drove home the long way through the countryside with the roof down and heaters on full blast. 

I'm hoping i'll get to come once more before i leave but if i don't then i'm sure the next time i visit the woods will great me the very same way they always have and i'll remember how content i felt that day. 

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  1. This look so similar to where I live! I absolutely love going there, it really is the best way to spend a lunch break when you're working from home.

    Beautiful photos!

    Steph x
    Lay It Bare

    1. It's just amazing to be out in the open as much as you can be :)

  2. this is why i should move to the suburb. lovely pictures.

  3. Your woods are beautiful - no better place to be yo clear the cobwebs. The girls and I hunt for signs of fairy life - little hollows in stumps for fairy doors that kind of thing :) am sure you have lots in your magical woods :)

    1. That's so sweet! We have a little door at the bottom of one of the tree stumps in my garden for fairies and i have a set of tiny keys on a necklace to open them :) We also have a tiny door in the kitchen for mice haha! :)

  4. This may sound rather strange - but I really recognise those woods.. maybe it's the old bunker buildings, or the clearing of the trees, or the semi visible tyre tracks.... I love it, calling you back to nature
    x x x
    {The Lobster & Me}



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