Weekend Scenes

Tuesday, February 11

I'm enjoying spending as much time at home as i can at the minute. It doesn't take much to keep me happy, i adore my simple little country life here, and although i am so looking forward to my new job and my new surroundings, i'm going to miss these home comforts. Most of these photos where taken on Saturday afternoon, i had been to the stables, taken Grizzle for a long walk round the lakes and returned to play in the paddock. 

This tree would have been the perfect place to build a tree house when i was younger, it's a 'good climber' too. Grizzle on the other hand looked terrified at being so high off the ground. We get our eggs from a friend of ours at the farm, i don't care what anyone says but free range, home grown chicken eggs always taste better! 

If anyone interested fashion blogger style - Boots - Dubarry, Jumper - Ariat, Gilet - Barbour, Jodphurs - Dublin, Scarf - Burberry but really why would you be interested in that? I'm hardly a fashion blogger am I!

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  1. Aww some lovely pics, your border terrier Grizzle looks just like one of mine, Will! They're such lovely dogs <3
    Emily | www.lacarmella.co.uk

  2. Eeeep Grizzle is so cute!

    We have chickens at home and they definitely taste far better, and they're excellent for poaching! x

    1. Aww thank you! They really are much better when they come from home grown happy chucks :)



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