North Norfolk Railway

Thursday, February 27

The trains in north Norfolk are as a part of the place as the sea. The north Norfolk railway has also played a big part in my adventures here too, a friend of ours works on these trains and he speaks about them with as much passion as i do when someone mentions anything to do with horses. Because of this i've seen how hard these people work and just how covered in coal they are once they return from a hard and long days work. If you're ever in the North Norfolk area, i suggest you take a trip. The cabins are beautifully oldy worldy and every year they hold a beer festival so you can sit and drink all day on the train. It doesn't get much better. 

3 note(s)..:

  1. Lovely photos, this reminds me of something out of The Railway Children. I feel like I should be wearing a flouncy white dress and waving to the trains.

  2. I have lived in Norfolk all my life and to my shame, have only ever been once when I was 10 despite loving steam trains and anything of a vintage nature. I must rectify this as soon as possible, it looks wonderful!

  3. Lovely photos - bring back memories of visiting my grandparents in North Yorkshire and spending the day on the railway. Looks like you had beautiful weather too!

    Jenny xx



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