Norfolk Winter Sunshine

Wednesday, February 26

It's been said many and many a time that Norfolk is my spiritual home. It's the only place i have ever experienced feeling down and depressed after I've left, and purely because i'm not there anymore. I love this place, and as the days tick by to my big move, i knew i had to go back again. The very moment we left the main roads and the familiar roundabouts and turning appear i begin to feel like i'm home. I watch out the window and spot pieces of countryside, pubs and places that bring back memories in my head the moment i see them. Birthday lunches with friends, long trailing walks in the sunshine, beaches I've sat at for hours just to listen to the sea. 

On this day we awoke to the most glorious winter sunshine, sleepy headed and weary eyed we had breakfast of salmon, eggs and croissants before strolling to the car looking like a couple from the crew clothing advert, a blue shirt, jeans and boots for me. Pink shirt, jeans and hunters for him. We piled in the car and dropped the roof, drove to the station and parked to start our walk. Grizzle bounded along in front happy to be back in his favourite place too. 

We walked for miles. Out in the sunshine and open air the entire day, taking photos and remembering moments from summers gone by. All along the Weybourne station to Upper Sherringham, down to the coast and back to Weybourne via the beach. Once in Sherringham we stopped for fish and chips and played on the pebbles as we walked down to Weybourne. We talked about anything and everything that came into our minds and took time to get to know each other again. When we had done our round trip we retreated back for a cat nap and cup of tea before dinner. 

We went to bed that night with aching muscles and wine fuzzy heads, but in the best way possible. Hoping for great weather the next day so we could carry on our adventures. 

6 note(s)..:

  1. such a beautiful day and place

  2. Gorgeous pictures, I love days like this :)


  3. Gorgeous! You're making me feel homesick! xx

  4. I love your pictures, it looks like such a cute place :) xx

  5. Sounds like a pretty ideal day hun :)
    good for getting out and about and making the most of the sunshine - I keep getting all locked in with uni work
    x x
    {The Lobster & Me}

  6. I wish I lived somewhere like this. One day, when it's nice out I shall take some pictures of where I live! :) Great pictures!



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