52 Lists // Seven

Monday, February 10

1. Go jogging
2. Clean the bathroom
3. Finish lighting plan for client
4. Wash my makeup brushes
5. Apply some spray tan
6. Pick a bikini for Friday
7. Go to the gym
8. Paint my chipped nails
9. Have a pamper evening
10. Squeeze in some plans with friends
11. Throw out anything not worth the move
12. Meditate
13. Don't forget my doctors appointment
14. Hand strip Grizzles coat
15. Actually clean my boots
16. Schedule some posts

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  1. Hi there - I found your lists project on my travels around the web and couldn't resist joining in. There's little I love as much as a list. Particularly if it's written in a lovely new notebook! You'll find my list this week at http://mrsmsmeanderings.wordpress.com/2014/02/10/52-lists-this-weeks-to-do-list/

  2. I'm joining you on the 52 Lists journey. Hope it's ok that I borrow the 52 Lists header?



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