52 Lists // Eight

Monday, February 17

1. The fields all around me.
2. The country air.
3. The wolds being a short drive away.
4. The amount of places to walk the dogs.
5. Gallop friendly tracks.
6. You can always find a good pub.
7. The 7 mile straight road is great for my car.
8. Spotting the wildlife more than you spot other people. 
9. The fact we have zero street lights on my road.
10. The Kinema is only a short drive away and is the most romantic cinema ever.
11. My friends and the amazing people i have met here. 
12. We don't ever flood. 
13. The local country fair is amazing. 
14. The fact i can get to Lincoln fairly quickly if i ever need to do real shopping. 
15. The way the tractor driver from next door always waves when he goes by. 

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  1. I love number 8 - that's definitely a reason I love where I live too. I really enjoy the sociability of the countryside - I definitely know far more people here than when I lived in a city.


  2. Hi - great list! I've joined in again this week - you'll find fabulous things about my town at



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