Boxing Day Races

Wednesday, January 8

It's been a tradition of mine to go horse racing on boxing day for many years now. Since next year i'll be working on the boxing day race instead, i decided to make the most of possibly my last year as a spectator. 

Mum and i left bright and early to head to Market Rasen. The weather was bitterly cold but the sun was shining so we were happy. We bundled in my little car and made it just in time to watch the first winner being auctioned off. It took all my strength not to shoot my hand up and buy him!

We spent the day making bets, drinking tea and watching the horses have the time of their lives running around. We stayed until the sun began to set and our fingers were well and truly frozen, before trudging back to the car for the ride home. I love going to the races but there is something that much more special about the traditional boxing day races.

3 note(s)..:

  1. awesome photos! looks like fun

  2. It looks like a lovely way to spend Boxing Day. My husband's great aunt's horse once won the King George VI Chase so I like to have a flutter on Boxing Day. x

  3. I've never been to horse racing before, but I really want to go sometime. But I think my favorite thing to watch is showjumping, which I will be attending soon.

    Love your blogposts

    xoxo Anne ~

    p.s. Haven't received your Christmas card, something must have gone wrong with the mail.



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