A little late but.. Christmas scenes.

Tuesday, January 7

Christmas this year was like the beginning of the rest of our lives for my family. Personally i went through a rough year but it was nothing compared to what we went through as a family. This year Christmas was a positive, happy experience and probably one of the best Christmases i have had for a very long time.

I awoke like a child at 8am and bounded out of bed. My mother was already up and working away in the kitchen to Christmas jingles on the radio. Grizzle seemed oblivious to the day and just wanted his breakfast and a walk. After a quick stomp in the paddock in my onesie and hunters i helped mum set the table and prepared breakfast. 

The afternoon flew by in a whirl of food and presents, silly impressions and too much wine. After dinner we took our Christmas walk to the bank to blow away the cobwebs and let the little one stretch his legs. Our noses red from the cold and our boots thoroughly muddy we returned home to more wine, sweet treats and a very competitive game of monopoly.

Here's to Christmas and all the happy memories we made this year!

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  1. It looks like you and Grizzle had an absolutely lovely Christmas Day! I love the photos you took on your walk - such beautiful light. x

    1. Thank you, we really did. The weather was bitter but you wouldn't know it with that sunshine beating down on us xx

  2. glad that you overcame the hard time. the best is about to come. i have faith :)
    gosh, i really really wish i could live in the country side .

  3. Argh, I miss Christmas so much. The photos are stunning as always - we just had a very wet Christmas which was a huge shame.

    I'm glad you made such lovely memories x



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