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Tuesday, December 3

It's that time of year again. The time of year where lights are strung up, shops get a little busier and sparkly decorations are pulled from their hiding places ready to be displayed. I normally love Christmas, and even this year with all the sadness that is around me, i still catch myself smiling at the Christmas songs playing quietly on the radio. This year, however, i feel pressured by Christmas. I feel forced into the cheer and making plans for new years eve when i have no idea where i want to spend it or who with. I'm trying though, to not let the sadness overtake my life in the way it has on and off for months. 

This weekend started out positive. We enjoyed a movie and wine night on Friday in front of the candles, munched on bags of popcorn and doughnuts, watching Seabiscuit  I got all excited for my new plans and mum freaked herself out. Grizzle and I had play fights over the best spot on the sofa (he won) and I went to bed happy with a glass or two much wine in my system. 

I spent Saturday night surrounded by some of favourite people as we celebrated a dear friends birthday. The evening was lovely and i felt restored for seeing them all again. Unfortunately, as i have learnt far too many times this year, life has a funny way of giving you something good and then running you over again with it's car. On Sunday morning we lost the boys 14 year old golden retriever. She had kidney failure amongst other things and had been fighting so hard for months. This past week she declined dramatically and on Sunday morning they made the tough decision to let her go. Watching the vet inject her on the living room carpet will stay with me forever. She was an amazing soul and had a wonderful life. She knew she was ready but still fought for our sake. We miss her dearly and she will always be in our hearts.   

When i returned home i picked up my sweet doggy and squeezed him a little harder. No matter how much we try sadness will always come. We just have to make the most of the happy moments we have in this life. 

R.I.P Sasha - We will always remember you. I'll never give another dog my leftover weetabix. 

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  1. Its always horrible to lose a pet, they are one of the family and leave a huge void. My thoughts are with you and I hope you find some Christmas cheer :) Keep positive xxx

    1. Thanks so much. It has, and continues to be incredibly hard for all of us. Christmas seems so tainted with sadness this year that i am struggling to enjoy it through all the pain. Thank you so much for your kinds words, i'm taking one day at a time. xx

  2. I personally went through a really rough patch last year, so much so that i wasn't even excited for christmas, but I came round and I worked hard to get what I really wanted. Now, a year later, I am at a point in my life which is full of so much joy, i could only have dreamed of this last year. I've still got hurdles to overcome but I find myself focusing on the happier things. So, i think what i'm saying is that you'll find your way through this sadness and best of luck :) xxxxxxx



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