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Friday, December 20

Notes from this week..

..// these two best friends
{because they watch the birds every morning here}

.// this bathroom hook
{for being so useful when i want a relaxing bath}

..// these fairy lights 
{because i think they should be everywhere all year round}
..// this cat
{and his unusual way of drinking}

..// this candle
{for keeping the place cosy}

What else:
1. I am finally excited for Chritmas
2. I managed to be wonderfully organised and booked a hotel for new years eve. 
3. I have been using this pin board daily. 
4. I made a big announcement, incase you missed it. 

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8 note(s)..:

  1. Ema, I've become a really big fan of your blog lately. Not that I wasn't already, but I just mean a lot more ... in that I look forward to seeing you've a new post. And I love reading your words too.

    The first photo gave me a little fuzzy feeling in my stomach and I "aaw'd" out loud. What little cuties! I completely agree about the fairy lights needing to be everywhere all year round.

    P.S. I did your christmas tag!


    1. Thank you lovely! That's so sweet. I'm a big fan of your blog too, your photography is amazing! They make my heart flutter every time i walk out my room and spot them on the top landing. Sometimes they are even tilting their heads in unison as the birds fly around. xx

  2. Seriously gorgeous blog! Adoring your photos, your cat & dog watching the birds is far to cute. Have a wonderful new year. :) x

    1. Thank you very much. I'm glad you commented as i'm enjoying looking at your blog too :) xx

  3. Hi Ema,

    I read through someone else's blog that you were holding a 52 lists project in 2014 (although I can't seem to find anything about it on your blog..). I'd love to jump on board if you'd have me! Could you please sign me up -
    PS - I'm a fellow Lincolnshire blogger too - not often I come across them on here! x

    1. Yes of course i can! The post was supposed to be scheduled for a few days ago but for some reason never went out, i have a feeling my internet connection and blogger were a little at fault.. but never mind, i've put it up now :) xx



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