Lincoln Christmas Market

Tuesday, December 10

In an effort to fully indulge in the joy of the season i took myself off to Lincolns Christmas Market on Friday. I have never managed to get up there in previous years but i thought it important to make the effort this time around, especially since this could be my last year living near here. 

Mother and I spent the morning mooching around shops seeking the perfect pair of jeans (me) and christmas presents (her) before headed up to the Christmas market. It was busy up there, people crowding round little independent stalls, nudging each other to get the best views. As we went round the crowds dispersed a little and the whole atmosphere became a little easier to cope with. I'm not a fan of crowds and i actually hate shopping when there are loads of people around. 

We merrily wandered around buying christmas decorations and mistletoe, drinking mulled wine and sampling homemade jams until the evening drew in and our feet could no longer pound the pavements. Another quick walk to take in the lights before hopping on the bus back down the hill. (Have you ever walked steep hill with bags full of shopping? Don't try it.) As we reached the bottom we were greeted by huge crowds of confused people because the centre had a power cut. Personally i don't think it was that dark but i guess if you've never lived down a road without a light in sight then a few street lights and things missing would be enough to make you scream and go a little crazy. I guess..

3 note(s)..:

  1. stunning! looks magical!
    me and my family went to a christmas market too last weekend ;)

  2. my bf's sister went on Friday and said the crowds weren't too bad, but when we went last year on a weekend it was unbearable! It's a great market though with lots of gifty type things, if you can get to them that is. Hope you feel more Christmassy now :)

  3. so fun and beautiful! i love the stars. we don't have a christmas market in here



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