An afternoon by the water.

Thursday, December 5

Sometimes I get so wrapped up in everything that's going on that the only thing i want to do is run to somewhere calm for a while. The lake by my house is the perfect spot to get some escape from the world. The entire place is surrounded by trees with this magical little oasis in the middle. A few log cabins are nestled amongst the shrubbery and are rented to friendly fishermen who are no doubt craving the space just as much as I. The other afternoon i packed up my backpack, bundled in layers and headed off with Grizzle to get lost for a while. 

I pulled out my picnic blanket and lay in a secluded spot in the winter sun. I read pages from 'To kill a Mockingbird' and attempted to make sense of things with spiritual cards and crystals. Grizzle sniffed the ground and watched ducks landing in the middle of the water. I always feel most like myself when i'm lost in nature, i imagine in a previous life i was a travelling Indian who had only her horse and the possessions she could carry to her name. I think I've always secretly wanted to go back to that, i like things simple. 

Since not living in this area long i have only seen the place in the Autumn and as it progresses into Winter. I can't imagine how wonderful this place will be in the summer when all you want to do is dip your toes in the water to escape the summer heat. Spending whole days sitting here with friends, drinking pimms and enjoying picnics. I imagine asking the land owner if i can put a small rowing boat here in those months so i can explore the middle island that is currently lost to only animals. I think the most beautiful thing in this world is the changing of the seasons. 

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  1. what a peaceful day (and not to mention beautiful place). i really love the first picture.



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