A Christmas Tag

Friday, December 20

Q. A sign that Christmas is coming? 
A. I think it's got to be when we arrange our day to get our tree. Spending the day with my mum looking for decorations and the perfect tree is definitely the start of Christmas for me. 

Q. Favourite Christmas Song?  
A. Bandaid - Do they know it's Christmas. It just makes me feel so grateful for everything i have at this time of year and i think that's the most important thing. 

Q. Favourite Christmas Movie?
 A. The Holiday, Love Actually or Home alone. I can't say which because i love them all. 

Q. Opening Presents.. Morning or Afternoon?
A. We do both really. We open all the presents under the tree in the morning after a big family breakfast then in the afternoon when more family arrives they bring more presents. 

Q. Smoky eyes and sequin dresses for Christmas dinner or tacky jumpers all the way?
A. We traditionally have to dress for dinner. You can wear pjs before and after but at the table it's all out for Christmas so it's a dress for me. This year it'll be tartan. 

Q. Christmas Eve Plans?
A. Normally the only plans i have for Christmas eve is a drink in the pub in the evening but since this year is a little different i am having my Christmas drink on Monday night and will probably be spending Christmas Eve in Norfolk for the day sat on the beach with Grizzle.

Q. Favourite Christmas food or drink? 
A. Food - Christmas dinner, what else would it be? Drink - I love J20 Glitter berry with Amaretto at Christmas. 

Q. Favourite Christmas memory? 
A. Hmm.. Probably last year spending the evening skiing on the wii with the people i love. That led to some hilarious moves!

Q. Who are you spending Christmas with this year?
A. This year i am at home all day with the family and friends dropping by throughout the day. 

Q. Top of your wish list this year?
A. I didn't actually ask for anything this year other than a £10 blackboard from amazon to hang on my wall. The top thing on my list this year is for the new year to be a happy and amazing year. I haven't found that in a shop yet. 

Q. What's on your plate? 
A. Our table has both Turkey and Beef for Christmas so i'll be having that and all the trimmings. And chocolate. And cookies.. 

Q. Must have nail polish for Christmas day?
A. I have a wonderful deep berry red from Essie this year. I can't for the life of me remember the name! 

Q. Favourite Christmassy Scent?
A. Pine needles from the tree. You can't beat that smell at Christmas. 

Q. What is at the top of your tree?
A. We have a fairy on one and an angel on the other. They're really old and dainty decorations that we have had for years.

Q. Boxing day?
A. Boxing day is all about horse racing in our family. We go to the races for boxing day every year so that's what we will be doing this year too. 

Q. Best thing about Christmas?
A. The way it makes everyone a little bit happier and a little bit more generous. I've never known a day to make people better humans than Christmas. That's the best thing by far.

Let me know if you have done this tag. It's a little bit wonderful. 

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  1. Love it! I think generosity is probably the most important.

    xoxo Anne ~ http://lifeasarollingstone.blogspot.com

  2. What a nice tag. Your answers show just how caring a person you are - really lovely.

    I've just had to do this tag too as it's made me feel all nice and Christmassy (http://www.whiskyandwoodsmoke.com/2013/12/a-christmas-tag.html)

    Merry Christmas xx

    1. Thank you Gemma! Ooh i'll take a look :) xx



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