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Friday, December 20

Notes from this week..

..// these two best friends
{because they watch the birds every morning here}

.// this bathroom hook
{for being so useful when i want a relaxing bath}

..// these fairy lights 
{because i think they should be everywhere all year round}
..// this cat
{and his unusual way of drinking}

..// this candle
{for keeping the place cosy}

What else:
1. I am finally excited for Chritmas
2. I managed to be wonderfully organised and booked a hotel for new years eve. 
3. I have been using this pin board daily. 
4. I made a big announcement, incase you missed it. 

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A Christmas Tag

Q. A sign that Christmas is coming? 
A. I think it's got to be when we arrange our day to get our tree. Spending the day with my mum looking for decorations and the perfect tree is definitely the start of Christmas for me. 

Q. Favourite Christmas Song?  
A. Bandaid - Do they know it's Christmas. It just makes me feel so grateful for everything i have at this time of year and i think that's the most important thing. 

Q. Favourite Christmas Movie?
 A. The Holiday, Love Actually or Home alone. I can't say which because i love them all. 

Q. Opening Presents.. Morning or Afternoon?
A. We do both really. We open all the presents under the tree in the morning after a big family breakfast then in the afternoon when more family arrives they bring more presents. 

Q. Smoky eyes and sequin dresses for Christmas dinner or tacky jumpers all the way?
A. We traditionally have to dress for dinner. You can wear pjs before and after but at the table it's all out for Christmas so it's a dress for me. This year it'll be tartan. 

Q. Christmas Eve Plans?
A. Normally the only plans i have for Christmas eve is a drink in the pub in the evening but since this year is a little different i am having my Christmas drink on Monday night and will probably be spending Christmas Eve in Norfolk for the day sat on the beach with Grizzle.

Q. Favourite Christmas food or drink? 
A. Food - Christmas dinner, what else would it be? Drink - I love J20 Glitter berry with Amaretto at Christmas. 

Q. Favourite Christmas memory? 
A. Hmm.. Probably last year spending the evening skiing on the wii with the people i love. That led to some hilarious moves!

Q. Who are you spending Christmas with this year?
A. This year i am at home all day with the family and friends dropping by throughout the day. 

Q. Top of your wish list this year?
A. I didn't actually ask for anything this year other than a £10 blackboard from amazon to hang on my wall. The top thing on my list this year is for the new year to be a happy and amazing year. I haven't found that in a shop yet. 

Q. What's on your plate? 
A. Our table has both Turkey and Beef for Christmas so i'll be having that and all the trimmings. And chocolate. And cookies.. 

Q. Must have nail polish for Christmas day?
A. I have a wonderful deep berry red from Essie this year. I can't for the life of me remember the name! 

Q. Favourite Christmassy Scent?
A. Pine needles from the tree. You can't beat that smell at Christmas. 

Q. What is at the top of your tree?
A. We have a fairy on one and an angel on the other. They're really old and dainty decorations that we have had for years.

Q. Boxing day?
A. Boxing day is all about horse racing in our family. We go to the races for boxing day every year so that's what we will be doing this year too. 

Q. Best thing about Christmas?
A. The way it makes everyone a little bit happier and a little bit more generous. I've never known a day to make people better humans than Christmas. That's the best thing by far.

Let me know if you have done this tag. It's a little bit wonderful. 

This and That

Friday, December 13

Notes from this week..

..// these trimmings
{for making my home all Christmassy}
..// this electric whisk
{because it made the best devils food cake cupcakes.. ever!}

..//this Christmas tree
{because it was the starring role}

What else:
1. This is a pure genius piece of writing and the most right on thing i have read in a long time. 
2. I've had some amazing letters and surprises from the christmas card swap 
3. I'm beginning to adjust to everything that has been going on in my life. 
4. I've dedicated my week to seeing friends and i feel so much more loved for it. 

Weekend Scenes | Festive Preperations

Wednesday, December 11

Every year we go mad for Christmas in this house. We have three christmas trees, make homemade wreaths for the doors and decorate every square surface we can. This weekend we took ourselves off to find the tree that would be our real one this year. (the others are fake) The real tree is always my favorite and i insist on being head coordinator in the decorating process.  We like things home made and natural in this house so our tree is perfectly, imperfect and covered in quirky little trinkets we have picked up over the years. I wouldn't have it any other way.

Lincoln Christmas Market

Tuesday, December 10

In an effort to fully indulge in the joy of the season i took myself off to Lincolns Christmas Market on Friday. I have never managed to get up there in previous years but i thought it important to make the effort this time around, especially since this could be my last year living near here. 

Mother and I spent the morning mooching around shops seeking the perfect pair of jeans (me) and christmas presents (her) before headed up to the Christmas market. It was busy up there, people crowding round little independent stalls, nudging each other to get the best views. As we went round the crowds dispersed a little and the whole atmosphere became a little easier to cope with. I'm not a fan of crowds and i actually hate shopping when there are loads of people around. 

We merrily wandered around buying christmas decorations and mistletoe, drinking mulled wine and sampling homemade jams until the evening drew in and our feet could no longer pound the pavements. Another quick walk to take in the lights before hopping on the bus back down the hill. (Have you ever walked steep hill with bags full of shopping? Don't try it.) As we reached the bottom we were greeted by huge crowds of confused people because the centre had a power cut. Personally i don't think it was that dark but i guess if you've never lived down a road without a light in sight then a few street lights and things missing would be enough to make you scream and go a little crazy. I guess..

An afternoon by the water.

Thursday, December 5

Sometimes I get so wrapped up in everything that's going on that the only thing i want to do is run to somewhere calm for a while. The lake by my house is the perfect spot to get some escape from the world. The entire place is surrounded by trees with this magical little oasis in the middle. A few log cabins are nestled amongst the shrubbery and are rented to friendly fishermen who are no doubt craving the space just as much as I. The other afternoon i packed up my backpack, bundled in layers and headed off with Grizzle to get lost for a while. 

I pulled out my picnic blanket and lay in a secluded spot in the winter sun. I read pages from 'To kill a Mockingbird' and attempted to make sense of things with spiritual cards and crystals. Grizzle sniffed the ground and watched ducks landing in the middle of the water. I always feel most like myself when i'm lost in nature, i imagine in a previous life i was a travelling Indian who had only her horse and the possessions she could carry to her name. I think I've always secretly wanted to go back to that, i like things simple. 

Since not living in this area long i have only seen the place in the Autumn and as it progresses into Winter. I can't imagine how wonderful this place will be in the summer when all you want to do is dip your toes in the water to escape the summer heat. Spending whole days sitting here with friends, drinking pimms and enjoying picnics. I imagine asking the land owner if i can put a small rowing boat here in those months so i can explore the middle island that is currently lost to only animals. I think the most beautiful thing in this world is the changing of the seasons. 

Weekend scenes

Tuesday, December 3

It's that time of year again. The time of year where lights are strung up, shops get a little busier and sparkly decorations are pulled from their hiding places ready to be displayed. I normally love Christmas, and even this year with all the sadness that is around me, i still catch myself smiling at the Christmas songs playing quietly on the radio. This year, however, i feel pressured by Christmas. I feel forced into the cheer and making plans for new years eve when i have no idea where i want to spend it or who with. I'm trying though, to not let the sadness overtake my life in the way it has on and off for months. 

This weekend started out positive. We enjoyed a movie and wine night on Friday in front of the candles, munched on bags of popcorn and doughnuts, watching Seabiscuit  I got all excited for my new plans and mum freaked herself out. Grizzle and I had play fights over the best spot on the sofa (he won) and I went to bed happy with a glass or two much wine in my system. 

I spent Saturday night surrounded by some of favourite people as we celebrated a dear friends birthday. The evening was lovely and i felt restored for seeing them all again. Unfortunately, as i have learnt far too many times this year, life has a funny way of giving you something good and then running you over again with it's car. On Sunday morning we lost the boys 14 year old golden retriever. She had kidney failure amongst other things and had been fighting so hard for months. This past week she declined dramatically and on Sunday morning they made the tough decision to let her go. Watching the vet inject her on the living room carpet will stay with me forever. She was an amazing soul and had a wonderful life. She knew she was ready but still fought for our sake. We miss her dearly and she will always be in our hearts.   

When i returned home i picked up my sweet doggy and squeezed him a little harder. No matter how much we try sadness will always come. We just have to make the most of the happy moments we have in this life. 

R.I.P Sasha - We will always remember you. I'll never give another dog my leftover weetabix. 

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