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Wednesday, November 13

I say it so often but it's true. It's those little things in life that matter the most. To me anyway. 
Baking a friend a surprise birthday cake and watching her blow out her candles. Taking Grizzle for a gloriously chilly but lovely walk just before the sun slips away for the night. Reading christmas books in front of the candles with a fresh cuppa while the pup snoozes next to you. Watching the tractors go past the house through the paddock trees. But most of all coming back to this new home that now has such a wonderful energy and homely feeling to it. These where all things i did this weekend. 

Another thing i did this weekend was took my friend for a birthday hack through the fields. The air had a distinctive bite to it and the dogs were running loose through the bushes up ahead of us trying to catch pheasants. It sounds idyllic doesn't it. It was. Until some inconsiderate arsehole nearly killed both me and Morris. To cut a long story short i was crossing over a river from the fields to the road. The bridge is used for tractors and is basically a steel and tarmac platform with no sides on it. Two cars decided to overtake each other on the small country road right in front of me, as i was on said bridge. Morris wouldn't stand still and wait (typical thoroughbred wanting to bugger off all the time) so he backed up, tried to rear, hopped about and backed up again. Nearly backing off the tiny bridge, down the drop into the river. I would have ended up underneath him at the bottom of the river if it wasn't for my quick thinking, staying calm and a bit of luck! 

So a note to people who go tearing round country roads. Slow down round those corners, you don't know whats going to be around them and SLOW DOWN FOR HORSES! I was really lucky and i don't say it lightly that i would have probably been killed if he had made another step backwards. So i'm even more grateful for those little things that make this world great this week and i hope it makes someone think twice. 

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  1. looking at these pictures really put a smile on my face.



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